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Floating Glass Shower Shelves 1/4 in. for Walls

Consider installing floating glass shelves for your shower for an affordable and stylish solution. Glass Doctor® provides custom-cut glass solutions, making it easy to transform your shower into a modern oasis. 

Looking for a 1/4″ curved glass corner floating shelf or a 31.5″ x 0.25″ bathroom shelf? At Glass Doctor, our specialists can create any glass shower shelf you want. Call 855-603-1919 for more information.

Glass Shower Shelf Solutions for Your Bathroom

At Glass Doctor, you can choose the types of edges, thickness, or style you want for your custom glass shelves. Our experts will install custom-cut glass that fits into the corner of the shower and won’t break.

Benefits of Floating Glass Shower Shelves

Sleek glass shelves will take your shower design to the next level. Choose the style that matches your bathroom best, and consider complementing glass shelves with other items, such as custom-cut mirrors. Floating glass shower shelves will:

  • Declutter your bathroom
  • Brighten your space
  • Create your dream bathroom
  • Build your own at-home-spa

Practicality of Custom-Cut Glass Shelves

Prevent your shampoo and conditioner bottles from cluttering the shower space by installing glass shelves to organize all of your hygiene items. Glass shower shelves will:

  • Organize your shampoo, conditioner, and other bath products
  • Match the design of your bathroom by complementing glass shower doors and mirrors

Transform Your Whole Bathroom With Custom-Cut Glass Shower Enclosures

To update your whole bathroom, consider installing a glass shower enclosure as well as glass shower shelves. A glass shower enclosure can work with a tub or without one. 

  • Make the space look and feel more luxurious
  • Rid the bathroom of a dirty curtain and enhance the natural light in the space
  • Make the best use of space in a small or large bathroom

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